What do I get when I subscribe?

It is important to note that we are not attorneys; but rather legal consultants, legal advisors and paralegal practioners.

We do all the background legal and paralegal work ourselves; and use our own appointed panel attorneys, throughout South Africa, only when absolutely necessary.

When using panel attorneys, they strictly follow both ours and our client’s specific instructions; and only in respect of legal work required to be attended to by duly admitted and practicing attorneys.

We only use practicing attorneys and other legal professionals when they are essential so as to save our clients’ legal costs.

Our legal services fees are generally about 40% of the going rate of practicing attorneys, advocates, lawyers and/or other legal practitioners with similar experience.

We will also always provide an initial quote both for our advice function and our legal/paralegal services function; and will only carry out work when specifically instructed to do so; and once the agreed proof of payment is received.

Legal Services Subscription
R139.99 per month
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Due to COVID-19 lockdown, the team is working from home and the office phone lines temporarily deactivated. Kindly send a mail to info@legalstar.co.za