1. “Services” means access to the Legal Star mobile app, web interface and online chat.
  2. “Mobile App” means the Legal Star app downloadable in Android and iOS.
  3. “User” is the person authorised to use the services
  4. “Payer” is the person who signs authority to have his/her bank account debited per the details in the debit order authority form.


  1. These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time. The latest Terms and Conditions are available on and the onus is on the Payer and User to regularly check the terms and conditions governing this agreement. You will be bound by the most recent Terms and Conditions found on the above website. Please update yourself with them on a regular basis.
  2. Your subscription to the Service constitutes the Payers and Users acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Legal Star reserves the right to modify the Service(s) where reasonably required and without prior notice.

Contract period and renewal

  1. The contract for services will commence on the 1st successful debit order transaction and will continue for a 12 month period. This contract will auto-renew on a month to month basis until such time the Payer cancels the agreement in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Cancellation must be in writing to Legal Star with 30 calendar days’ notice and from the Payer.
  3. This agreement may be cancelled during the first 7 days (Cooling off period) of the contract signature date by the Payer giving Legal Star notice in writing. If the Payer terminates this Agreement during the Cooling Off period, he/she will be subject to payment of a reasonable premature cancellation charge, determined by Legal Star which will include all outstanding amounts in respect of the Services and / or Apparatus and/or Electronic Devices related to the Services.
  4. The Administration Fee is not refundable under any circumstance.

Provision of the Services

  1. Subject to the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement, Legal Star shall activate the services according to the type of plan selected by the Payer.
  2. Services provided by Legal Star will be strictly between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday and excluding public holidays. These times are subject to change.
  3. The Services will be available through the following channels: Mobile App, Web Interface and Online Chat
    1. Online chat is first come first served and limited to 120 minutes per month per user and is non-accumulating (unused minutes shall expire at the end of the month in which it was meant to be used).
    2. Mobile app usage is unlimited during the contract period and subject to clause 13(a)
    3. Web interface usage is unlimited during the contract period and subject to clause 13(a)
  4. During periods where the Legal Star consultants are unable to attend to the Users queries, an appointment will be made with the User to respond to an online chat message at a different time, subject to clause 12.
    1. Legal Star will provide the services on a first come first served basis and endeavors to respond to those Users in the que timeously, however the online chat return message appointment slots are limited and will be filled on a first come first served basis.
  5. The services available to the Customer shall be limited to that of the price plan selected by the Payer.
    1. Services shall be provided in English.
  6. Legal Star does NOT provide the following services within your monthly subscription:
    1. Litigation
    2. Court appearances
    3. Advice outside of general or paralegal advice
    4. Face to face advice
    5. Representation of you within legal matters

The above can be provided through Legal Stars panel of legal practitioners at an additional cost to be borne by the payer.

  1. Legal Star has redundancies in place to ensure maximum technology uptime, however Legal Star cannot be held liable for downtimes and related non-provision of agreed services during such downtimes.

Charges payable by you and your payment obligations

  1. Monthly debit orders are in advance of services and subject to clause 7.
  2. If the User does not use the Services, payments to Legal Star in terms of this contract are still payable by the Payer.
  3. The Subscription Fee shall be due and payable to Legal Star by the account holder as indicated in this agreement and on the stipulated debit order date of each subsequent month until this contract is cancelled.
  4. Legal Star shall have the right to request you to pay the first month’s subscription fee plus a once off administration fee of R500 before provision of Services to the User.
  5. Legal Star shall have the right to suspend the Services to you until the value of your monthly subscriptions have been paid in full.
    1. Reactivation of the Users access to Legal Star Services will take up to 7 working days.
  6. Should the charges billed to your account exceed the monetary limits imposed by Legal Star, you shall remain liable to pay Legal Star any and all charges incurred whether in excess of the said limits or not.
  7. If so required by Legal Star in its sole discretion you must make payment of all amounts due to Legal Star by means of a direct debit order against your bank account. You shall not be entitled to withdraw or revoke the authority of Legal Star to draw against your bank account for the duration of this Agreement without the written consent of Legal Star.
  8. All fees, charges and prices set out in this Agreement and/or any price list from time to time are inclusive of Value Added Tax, where applicable, at the rate of 14% as amended from time to time by the South African Revenue Services.
  9. Prices are subject to change and you will be notified of any changes in price via any one of the contact details provided by you in this agreement and/or Voice Recorded Mandate.

Disclosure of Information

  1. You consent that Legal Star may, to the extent permitted by law, receive or disclose your personal information, documents, detailed call records, credit profile information and/or any other credit information from or to:
    1. any credit providers, credit bureau or credit reporting agencies;
    2. any law enforcement agencies that require the information for the prevention or investigation of criminal activities;
    3. any of Legal Star’s shareholders, related entities, suppliers, agents, professional advisors or any company within the Legal Star Group for marketing purposes, subject to your right to restrict receipt of unwanted marketing material or other rights in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, 2008;
    4. any of Legal Star’s shareholders, related entities, suppliers, agents or professional advisors for reporting, accounting, product supply and service and/or auditing purposes;
    5. any company within the Legal Star Group for any purpose connected with the Services or other products.
  2. Despite any part of this Agreement that may indicate otherwise, Legal Star shall be entitled to utilise your detailed call records for any lawful purpose including but not limited to tracing and/or collection purposes.


  1. By your acceptance of these terms and conditions, you hereby indemnify Legal Star and its partners against any expense, loss, claim, harm or damage brought against, suffered or sustained by you, which arises directly or indirectly from this Agreement and/or Services provided to you by Legal Star. This liability indemnity extends to Legal Star and its partners’, directors and employees.

 Your Undertakings

You shall –

  1. comply with all instructions issued by Legal Star which concern the User and Payers use of the services or related matters; and
  2. not be entitled to commercially exploit the services in any manner whatsoever without Legal Star’s prior written consent.
  3. In the event that you do not comply with your obligations under this Agreement and you do not correct your failure to comply after receiving a notice from Legal Star requesting you to comply within 20 (twenty) business days, then Legal Star may immediately terminate this Agreement.
  4. If this Agreement is terminated by Legal Star for the reason that you have failed to remedy a material failure to comply with or a remedy a breach of the Agreement, you shall pay to Legal Star all outstanding charges for access to the Services and you will be subject to payment of a reasonable premature cancellation charge, determined by Legal Star.
  5. You shall repay to Legal Star on demand all costs which Legal Star incurs as a result of your failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement or any termination hereof.


  1. You hereby consent to the dispatch or transmission by Legal Star of all and any necessary communications in terms of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 or subsequently enacted and relevant legislation. You are entitled to inform Legal Star if you do not wish to receive any communications for purposes of direct marketing and in this instance, Legal Star will desist from circulating any further such material to you.

Address for Delivery of Notices

  1. You choose as the address at which you wish to receive any correspondence or notices of a legal nature relating to this Agreement and the rendering of the Services as the address set out in this Agreement to which these terms and conditions relate or such other address of which you may notify Legal Star in writing.
  2. Notices sent to your stipulated email address will be considered delivered within 24hrs of being sent by the sender acting on behalf of Legal Star.


  1. In the event of any one or more of these terms and conditions being unenforceable, such terms and conditions will be deemed to be removed from this Agreement and the Agreement will remain binding and enforceable.
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