The Cape Law Society learned with shock of a statement attributed to PAGAD, which was allegedly made by their spokesperson, Mr Haroon Orrie, in which PAGAD supported those behind the murder of Mr Noorudien Hassan, a member of the Cape Law Society. The Society condemns in the strongest possible terms not only the murder of any of its members and indeed any person, but also the fact that those behind this heinous crime would receive any support for committing such a crime.

Mr Hassan was a member of the Cape Law Society who, in the exercise of his Constitutional rights to freedom of trade, occupation and profession as provided for in Section 22 of the Constitution of our country, chose to become an Attorney and thus appear in Courts in defence of arrested, detained and accused persons. The nature and calling of the Attorneys Profession is such that attorneys, and indeed all lawyers must, without fear, represent all accused persons and assist Courts in dispensing justice. The rights of all citizens to be represented by lawyers of their choice would be impossible to exercise freely, if lawyers were to choose which accused person to represent based on the fear of the possibility of being murdered if they represented certain accused persons.

The rights of all arrested, detained and accused persons contained in Section 35 of the Constitution would come to naught and the fair and equitable administration of justice would be impossible to achieve if lawyers were not free to represent all accused persons without fear, favour or prejudice.

issued by:

Mr Mbulelo Jolwana, President of The Cape Law Society on behalf of the Council of The Cape Law Society