The City of cape Town says that the large banner saying “Zuma Must Fall” that was erected at the top of Long Street in the city is illegal.

“The large billboard which has been erected by a private party on private property in the central city does not comply with the City of Cape Town’s Outdoor Advertising and Signage By-law,” the city said on Friday.

“The billboard has also been erected in contravention of the National Building Regulations and Standards Act.”

Further, it noted that an application for the billboard in question was not received by the City.

“This matter has therefore been handed over for prosecution,” the city spokesperson said.

Here is the rest of the statement issued by the city on the matter:

The City views the non-compliance with our by-laws and national legislation in a very serious light. In general, an application which is in contravention of these regulations would not be supported.

The by-law does not make provision for pre-approval of the content/messages of outdoor advertising and signage on receipt of an application.

Applications are evaluated against the technical requirements of the by-law, such as the size of a billboard and, for instance, whether the erection would constitute a safety hazard.

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASASA) is an independent body, established and paid for by the marketing communications industry. It aims to ensure that its efficient system of self-regulation results in the best possible protection for both consumers and of the industry.

ASASA is the national body to which members of the general public can complain when they deem advertising and/or marketing to be unacceptable.

Photo by: Zahra Natalie Govender